Micmiam (micmiam) wrote in bu_nemeton,

Meeting Ideas

Hey everyone,
I just remembered ... we have a livejournal comm! So I wanted to get some of your thoughts for meeting ideas. Your lovely eboard members have thrown around some ideas, but what do YOU really want to do this semester?

Things to look forward to in September:
1- Splash and the Religious Consortia in front of Marsh, the SAO Fair in the GSU
2 - Pagan Pride Day
3 - Mabon (and my 21st birthday!)

Things to look forward to in October
1- Samhain (duh)
2 - Salem trip

Things to look forward to in November
1 - Caftan making anyone?

Things to look forward to in December
1 - Yule brunch
2 - Yule
3 - Finals magick

These are the essentials of things that NEED to get done. But other than that, we're still tossing around ideas for meetings. So lovelies, what do you wanna do? I've asked a friend of mine to come and talk to us about Druids, Debbie the elder might come to talk about Alexandrian, Jimmy and I might do a small herbalism, incense lecture and we've talked about having a witchcraft series (talking about doing different rituals in different traditions and styles (aka Egyptian, Green Witch)).

PS. Any ideas for things that can make our bakesale more successful?
PPS. I miss you all!
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