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Hey you guys!
I was just checking out the website (Alex it is SO cute w/ the office hours and stuff), and I clicked on this link and realized no one has updated since I did in JULY. And Lis you were commenting in that and I was all "Oh! What's your name! When will we see you!" LoL. It's funny how times fly and we change ey?

I also just deleted like 370 emails from Nemeton's BU Mail. It sucked. I removed 2 ppl from the mailing list and added 2 including a girl from MIT.

Possibly we could use this LJ to keep meeting minutes or post business? Lis, what do you think?

<3 ME!
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Sure. No prob. What's the topic this week?
Meh, just business. We'll see what comes up at the meeting -- I already sent an email.